Designing big ideas around small spaces: I've built a beautiful 20-year career out of mastering this art. Specializing in web product descriptions, catalog copy, headlines and emails, my well-crafted words do more than tell--or even sell. They create an exceptional customer experience.


I created Fashion Copy House to help apparel brands nail their niche, captivate their audience, and live their story. How do I do it? Exhaustive research + an intense love of fashion. Together this unbeatable combo churns out copy that defies standards and turns your customers into loyal fans.


So how can hiring a fashion copywriter earn you more sales than a traditional copywriter?

Just like your stellar styles, the secret is in the details (and the fit and fabric too!) I finesse the features that make your fashions stand apart, and boost the benefits to create a complete story of beauty, glamour and fun.





I'm Marny. Here's My Stylish Story...